MASK PRO - Professional safety masks with replaceable FFP3 filter

MaskPro is a professional safety mask with replaceable FFP3 filter for maximum protection.

Viruses, smog, dirty air and exhaust gases are all around us! If you have decided to protect yourself instead of being treated. If you are a person who cares about health and excellent hygiene, then MaskPro is for you.

filtro ffp3

The FFP3 protection filters

Fine particulate matter of up to 0.6 microns.

Particles with the size of a virus, bacteria, car exhaust gases, allergens.



Mask suitable for repeated washing, the filter can be used for 20 days when used daily.

Filter replacement with a single movement. The filter is not washable because it loses its properties.


Ergonomic design

High grade soft and breathable neoprene. Maximum comfort. Replaceable FFP3 filters.

Adjustable universal size.

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